LIFE Mission is a Public Service Organization founded in 1993 on the Divine command of Lord Lakulish, the 28th incarnation of Lord Shiva, by Swami Rajarshi Muni, an advanced yogi and disciple of Swami Kripalvanand.

The central vision behind the establishment of the Mission is to spread moral, cultural and spiritual awakening world-wide on the basis of Indian spiritual and philosophical thought and values and also to teach the precepts and practice of yoga, without discrimination based on caste, religion, nationality or gender. The spiritual tradition has a divine mandate to pursue sadhana with seva or service. Accordingly, the renunciates of the lineage shoulder the responsibility for the preservation of the spiritual mysteries entrusted by the Lord to the lineage and for the enhancement of peace, righteousness and spiritualism in the world through spreading awareness of the tenets and moral and ethical values of Sanatan dharma (the eternal religion).   The non-renunciates of Life Mission seek to fulfill the second part of the Lord’s mandate by assisting the renunciate wing in spreading awareness of ethical, spiritual and cultural values and by rendering selfless service to the community in addition to spiritual practice for their own spiritual welfare.

Understand my command well. Through my spiritual tradition you must promote the highest values of human culture. This effort should embrace the whole world, and not be limited to Gujarat or India alone. The time is ripe, and the work awaits you active participation”.

"Child, I shall explain a new plan that will simplify a difficult task. My spiritual lineage presently consists of renunciate sanyasis who have withdrawn from worldly life. Now the lineage must also include householders and those who care partially retired. Such persons as these, who lead an active life in the world, will observe proper religious conduct, practice moral values in their pure form, and help to propagate the principles of dharma in society. On the other hand, renunciate sanyasis will, through their spiritual practices, take responsibilities for the preservation of the spiritual mysteries I have entrusted to them. In this way you must establish two wings of followers in my tradition: one renunciate sanyasis and the other non-renunciate devotes. You will have to see to it that both wings are properly administrated”   

Guruji: “Loard, my Gurudev initiated me into the very same spiritual practice that you taught him. He explained to me that a yogi who wishes to attain the Divine Body should adopt a life of complete retirement, eschew public content, and remain involved in sadhana (spiritual practice). I fear that if I establish and administer these public activities I might leave the path of true sadhana and go astrat.”

“A renunciate spiritual practitioner is able to remain immersed in meditation because society provides the necessities of food, clothing and housing” Dadaji explained. “Until this debt is fully paid, the final goal of liberation is unattainable. The fulfillment of any great work calls for some sacrifices. You must make a pious effort to work for the revival of true spiritual culture so that you can pay off the debt that owe to society. If you engage in righteous activity with self-restraint there is no need to nourish the fear of slipping from the path. The work of shaping culture is not separate from, or interior to, that of seeking one’s own libration. Therefore consider the revival spiritual culture to be your life’s mission, just as you consider the attainment of the Divine body to be you life’s spiritual goal.”