Aims and Objective:

  • To conduct a worldwide campaign for spiritual and cultural awakening.
  • Impart scientific instruction concerning Yoga, which is the key to inner enlightenment and self- realization.
  • Canalize minds of people towards cultural, moral, ethical and spiritual values.
  • To inspire and promote universal brotherhood through the teachings of Sanatan culture and the science of Yoga.
  • Work ceaselessly for human welfare through the instrumentality of compassion and selfless service.
  • To establish the Spiritual and Humanitarian order called Lakulish Fellowship.

How to achieve these goals:

  • By establishing Culture Centers throughout the world to bring Moral, Cultural and Spiritual awaking.
  • By teaching yoga through The Lakulish Institute of Yoga.
  • By arranging public and private discourses of renowned spiritual persons on the subject of philosophical, cultural and spirituality, it  will direct people towards cultural, moral, spiritual and ethical values.
  • Work for human welfare specially in rural areas, concerning education, technical training, health and hygiene, agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry and environment, art and crafts, sports and recreation.
  • By publication of Books, Newsletters, Audio/Video/CDs/DVDs and website programs.