Yoga, The Synthesis of Physiology and Metaphysics

Swami Rajarshi Muni



This is a groundbreaking work for the serious spiritual seeker and scholar about spontaneous yoga or the yoga of liberation. Instead of discussing the physical exercises or meditations to achieve inner peace which make up the popular western understanding of yoga this book deals with the proven processes by which the spiritual seeker can attain liberation from the limitations of time and space, can attain unlimited divine powers and an immortal, physically perfect divine body that is retained forever. The sages who composed the ancient scriptures achieved such a state, as have others of all religious traditions. The path to such perfection is through spontaneous yoga in which body and mind are surrendered to the spontaneous workings of the awakened life-force the yoga texts call prana . This is not a guide to applied yoga but an in-depth work addressing the philosophy and metaphysics of yoga by one who has traversed the ground covered by the work and thus in a position to yet once again revalidate the knowledge left behind in ancient texts by the perfected Masters of old.